As of Tuesday 24th March 2020, Blueys Yoga will no longer run face-to-face classes.

We will offer online classes via a FACEBOOK CLOSED GROUP: Blueys Yoga in Smiths Lake.

You may be interested to learn of studies that have been done on people that live longer, healthier and happier in various, unconnected parts of the world, in the Blue Zone.  There have been studies done on these communities and even though they are nations and continents apart, they have these things in common:

  1. Move Naturally
  2. Have a sense of purpose (set daily, weekly, monthly intentions) or how you can contribute
  3. Have ways to deal with Stress, such as taking time out, meditation, prayer
  4. Don’t overeat (80% full) or over-drink
  5. Eat a plant-based diet (no processed foods)
  6. Have a sense of belonging – Right Tribe
  7. Family first
  8. Connected to community

It seems to me that these times are asking us to live more in line with the people of the Blue Zones.  Connecting more with our immediate families (and our communities via phone/internet), cooking from scratch as there is a lot more fresh produce than long-life produce available and simplifying life in general.   Our yoga practice can help with a few of these points to as we can move our bodies in a small space, we can use skills such as breathing and meditation to take time out and reverse stress and we can connect with our internal world and contribute to our family and community by being more mindful, calm and inspired.

I will endeavour to create a video every day or so of different durations and levels of intensity, so that soon there will be a library where you can choose what daily practice suits.  Eventually there may be a nominal charge per month for this group, but in the meantime, we want to keep our practice and our community going.

I have noticed that when people have turned up to class this week, there has been a sense of anxiety and fear. However after we have come together in yoga, we have become quite changed and left the practice centered and relaxed. This speaks volumes for me; the healing aspects of community, connection and our yoga practice are non-negotiable right now and we should try and keep them going as best we can .. so online yoga, here we come.

I have been thinking of this quote attributed to Charles Darwin: “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one that is most adaptable to change.” Our yoga practice teaches us to let go, to be in the moment, to observe what is (not what we’d like it to be), so please feel free to join me online as we adapt to what is, right now.

Warm wishes, Sarah

Face to face classes cancelled until further notice. Join us on FACEBOOK CLOSED PAGE: "Blueys Yoga in Smiths Lake" for Online Classes. ENQUIRE NOW!