Workshops and Retreats

Blueys Yoga holds 5 day Vinyasa Intensives from MONDAY -FRIDAY  7am-8am throughout the year.  If you’d like to know when the next one is, please get in touch.

Vinyasa is a term used for flowing from posture to posture with the breath.  On a physical level, the heat generated serves to deeply cleanse the systems of the body (immune, cardio-vascular), and the movement helps to keep the mind trained on the present moment, which can feel deeply calming in this world where we have so much vying for our attention at every moment.  Once we have moved the body in this way and settled the mind, we tend to become emotionally lighter.  Often the simple gift to ourselves of our own attention is all the heart needs.  Being with our body, mind and heart in this way gives us the feeling of being connected, so the energy flows freely within the body and in our interactions with the world around us.  It literally feels like being tapped into a source of endless energy and wisdom.

5 days in a row can be very enlightening.  The trick is to listen and adjust the practice so we are working with how we find ourselves on the mat every morning, rather than making choices that force the body, breath, mind or heart.  There’ll be easy versions of postures offered when we need to ease into the practice and of course there is ALWAYS the option to rest in child’s pose (or any pose) to reconnect with the breath, for as long as required.

So why not give it a go .. the worst that can happen is that you spend an hour in child’s pose 🙂


WATCH THIS SPACE FOR A 3 DAY RETREAT (with juice/smoothie fast or vegan menu option).  If you’d like to register your interest, please email via the Enquiries page.